All About Orgone Pyramids

All civilizations and cultures believe in the concept of life force energy that connects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Some cultures refer to it as chi, while others refer to it as prana and other names. But the early 20th century saw the discovery of the orgone energy, leading to the invention of orgone energy accumulators like orgone pyramids.

Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst, is the scientist attributed with the discovery of orgone energy. A ground-breaking discovery, Dr Reich quickly identified that orgone energy was able to heal living organisms. He designed the orgone energy accumulator to help humans reap the benefits of orgone energy. All modern-day devices like orgone energy pyramids get their principle from these accumulators.

What is an Orgone Pyramid?

Orgone Pyramids, Orgonite Pyramids, or Crystal Pyramids are devices molded in the shape of a pyramid. These devices contain gemstones, resins, metal, and other organic and inorganic materials. These materials vibrate together to generate positive energy, dispel negative energy, or convert negative vibrations into positive vibrations. 

Orgone energy pyramids emit powerful orgone energy that flows through the seven chakras in our body. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of our organs and keeping us in optimal health. If the chakras are unbalanced, negative energies affect us, causing health issues. 

Crystal Pyramid Benefits

The popularity of crystal pyramids is all thanks to the amazing benefits they boast of, which include:

  • Protection from EMF

EMF or electromagnetic frequencies pollute our environment. These cancer-causing frequencies are emitted from cell phones, mobile towers, routers, and other electrical gadgets. Orgone pyramids help block these negative frequencies and convert them into positive energies that benefit all living beings. To stay protected from EMF radiation, keep a pyramid beside the gadgets or carry them with you.

  • Promotes Calmness

We live in a world where stress is a part of our life. Tight schedules and deadlines, high competition, high targets, and expectations contribute to stress. However, the authentic gemstones in orgone energy pyramids help promote calmness in our minds by relieving stress and anxiety. You can place pyramids in strategic positions while meditating to experience the positive aura expel unwanted thoughts from your mind.

  • Opens our Mind

One of the reasons we fail in our tasks is because our mind is not fully opened. The mental blockages prevent us from thinking clearly and identifying the best solution to come out of the situation. An orgone pyramid can help remove these blockages, open our minds to the divine and other organisms, connect us with everything else, and amplify our energies. It promotes mental focus and clarity, helping us overcome all challenges.

  • Promotes Stability

We can be successful in life when we stay grounded. The first chakra, the Root chakra, helps keep us grounded and promotes stability. When we are grounded, our energies connect with the universal energy, making us more courageous and adventurous. Crystal pyramids with Root chakra balancing gemstones like Black Tourmaline can help us overcome all challenges.

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