All You Need to Know About Dreamcatchers

Have you heard of Dreamcatchers? These amazing devices sift through dreams, helping individuals see only good dreams. Like the duality in everything, the dream also consists of good and bad. A dreamcatcher, sometimes containing chakra stones, helps us stay positive, dream positive, and enjoy better health.

The Origin of Dreamcatcher 




The origin of the present-day dreamcatcher can be traced to the Native American Ojibwe tribe. As the belief goes, a mystical woman called the “spider woman” protected the children and newborns of the Ojibwe tribe from all evil. However, as the tribe expanded, she could not offer protection to all, leading to her making the Native American Dreamcatcher. The Native Americans used it as talismans to protect sleepers from bad dreams and evil spirits.

The Form and Function of Dreamcatcher




We can find Dreamcatchers in a variety of styles. However, their form and function remain the same. They would have a circular frame with webbing or designs in the middle, feathers, and other decorative elements. The center design may sometimes contain chakra stones that help augment the magical powers of dreamcatchers.

The primary function of a dreamcatcher is to shield the sleeper from harm by trapping the negative energy and letting positive energy through. You can hang a dreamcatcher beside your bed or cot for it to perform the best. However, it is not limited to that, and you can use it as a decorative piece in your car or other spaces in your home. 

Dreamcatcher and Orgone Energy Devices




Dreamcatchers have a close relationship with orgone energy devices in the way they work. Orgone energy is the life-force energy that flows through our body, through the chakras, ensuring that we experience good health. The main function of orgone energy devices is to ensure that the negative energy in our surroundings is converted to positive energy. They achieve this with the help of the chakra stones used to make these devices. It is in this similar way that dreamcatchers work.

Using a Dreamcatcher



For effective performance, you can hang the Dreamcatcher device above your pillow so that all negative dreams and filtered out and positive dreams and let through. As they function similarly as an orgone energy device - eliminating negative energy from our spaces - it is important to cleanse them at least every couple of months. You can cleanse your dream catcher by smudging it with sage. It is also important that you choose the best store to buy Dreamcatcher from.

Dreamcatchers at Peacefful Intentions




At Peacefful Intentions, you can find authentic Dreamcatchers in a variety of styles, colors, and prices. Apart from that you can also find orgone energy devices with genuine chakra stones, sage, and other materials for smudging and cleansing, and more. Visit our online store for the best and most genuine devices.

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