Carved for Couples: Best Chakra Stones for a Happy Valentine’s

It’s the Valentine’s week, one of the best times of the year. It is when we need the magic of healing crystals in our lives. Wondering why? It’s because this is the time when we must love each other unconditionally, be communicative and supportive of each other, and be the best partner, parent, child, master, and disciple that we can be.

Of the many chakra stones around us, quite a few are tailor-carved for Valentine’s Day and love. Orgonite devices such as orgone pyramids made with these gemstones can help our hearts to stay pure, kind, and calm. It will also allow us to maintain strong relationships with our dear ones and enjoy Valentine’s week to its fullest.

Gemstones for Valentine’s

Here are a few gemstones that help us during these special days:

The Stone of Romance: Rose Quartz




Rose Quartz is a chakra stone associated with the Heart Chakra and is known to open our hearts and promote unconditional love. The gemstone also facilitates self-love and compassion, crucial emotions in bringing peace and harmony to relationships. The soft pink hue of the Rose Quartz stone stands as a symbol of love that is true, universal, and unconditional. Explore a wide range of Rose Quartz products at Peacefful Intentions.

The Stone of Passion: Carnelian




With its unique hue, Carnelian is a gemstone that catches our attention instantly. Associated with the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian is one of the gemstones used in many orgone pyramids, such as the Carnelian Selenite Lapis Orgonite Pyramid. This brownish-red gemstone activates our pleasure center, enabling us to enjoy joy and excitement and even rejuvenate our feelings of love. Gift your loved ones from a variety of Carnelian gemstone products available at Peacefful Intentions.

The Stone of Communication: Lapis Lazuli




Communication holds great value in relationships. When proper communication does not happen, relationships turn sour, leading to parting of ways and more. Lapis Lazuli, a royal blue-hued healing crystal associated with the Throat Chakra, helps users to speak the truth, facilitating proper communication. Being one of the oldest semi-precious stones, the Lapis Lazuli serves as a reminder of ever-lasting love. To buy the best Lapis Lazuli products, visit Peacefful Intentions.

The Stone of Dreams: Amethyst




To say that the Crown Chakra is one of the greatest chakras won’t be far-fetched. Amethyst is a gemstone associated with the Crown Chakra that connects us with the divine and other consciousness. Wearing or gifting this gemstone or orgone pyramid made with gemstone will help you and your partner to support each other and achieve all your dreams. Browse through a remarkable collection of Amethyst products at Peacefful Intentions.

Well, folks, this is it. This Valentine’s Day, we hope you find true love and strengthen your relationship with your loved ones with our astounding healing crystals. We also have a Valentine’s Day offer, where you can buy 5 genuine chakra stone products at just $42.99. With our Valentine’s Day Big Sale, you can avail up to 50% discount on our products. So, why wait? Get on a shopping spree on Peacefful Intentions.

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