Crystal Stones that Help Your Business

Are you running a business but not seeing it prosper? Then it may be time to purchase crystal stones that bring business success, from Peacefful Intentions. But, are gemstones capable of attracting growth business growth, and prosperity?

Crystal healing stones have been in use from the days of the distant past. Ancient civilizations used them for various purposes, from protective totems to elements for embellishments. But after the discovery of Orgone Energy in the early 20th century, gemstones became integral to orgone energy generating devices such as the orgone pyramid. Today, crystals and gemstones are used to attract business growth.

Gemstones for Business Growth

At Peacefful Intentions, we have an exquisite collection of crystal healing stones and orgonite devices that help to bring success to your business enterprise. Let us take a look at them:





Citrine is a yellow-hued crystal renowned for its various healing and metaphysical properties. It is also known as the Lucky Merchant stone because it brings abundance and prosperity to your life. Well, it does not mean that purchasing a Citrine crystal stone product from Peacefful Intentions and placing it in your office will not make the coffers overflow with money and your startup business transform into a unicorn overnight. What it means is that the Citrine gemstone helps you make better decisions that inhibit losing money unnecessarily. Even when you face rejection from multiple areas while running your business, the Citrine gemstone will help your emotions to be in check and promote mental clarity and focus.

Rose Quartz




There is no denying that good relationships go a long way in helping businesses prosper. After all, the foundation of any successful business is their clients’ or customers’ trust in them. Known as the stone of Unconditional Love, Rose Quartz can help open your mind to accept love and trust, and give love and trust unconditionally. Buying a Rose Quartz orgone pyramid like this product here and placing it in your office or your work desk can help prepare the space to facilitate clear communication between people. This, in turn, helps your business to succeed.

Green Aventurine




Green is the color of success, growth, fertility, and prosperity. The green crystal stone, Green Aventurine, represents these ideas and many more. Like the Rose Quartz crystal, Green Aventurine a.k.a the Stone of Opportunity heals and balances the Heart Chakra. Placing these gemstones at crucial places around your business establishment will fill the space with powerful positive energy that helps you stay optimistic. This gemstone also improves your relationship with money and prevents you from losing it unnecessarily. 

Clear Quartz 




Another gemstone in our list of the ones that help your business is Clear Quartz. It is one of the gemstones that helps promote mental clarity and aid you in identifying new ways when you are stuck. The ability of Clear Quartz gemstone to amplify the properties of other crystals makes it a powerful addition to any orgone device and orgone pyramid, like this pyramid available at Peacefful Intentions.

So, get ready to attract growth and prosperity to your business aided by these amazing crystal healing stones. For an extensive collection of genuine products, free shipping, and same-day shipping*, visit Peacefful Intentions

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