Crystals for Working Professionals

Natural crystals are reputed for their many health-promoting and metaphysical properties. Ancient civilizations identified the beneficial properties of gemstones, and from then on, humans used them for protection, professional success, and many more reasons. Today, with the invention of devices like orgone pyramids and crystal bracelets, it is easier to enjoy the benefits of gemstones.

As working professionals, we all wish for success and development. However, success and development don’t come easily. Today, let us look at the various gemstones that help working professionals.

Gemstones for Working Professionals

Do you spend many hours in the office daily, trying to complete projects on deadline and achieve the success you deserve? If you find it difficult to achieve success, try having these natural crystals near you.


Dawn represents a new day and a new beginning. A new day is when you can learn from your past experiences and strive to achieve better success. With its bright yellow colour, Citrine gemstone represents the warmth and radiance of the golden sunrise. Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone as it helps in business success. For professionals, being near the orgone pyramid with citrine gemstones can help make better decisions that reduce errors. Also, citrine helps motivate professionals to achieve their goals and dreams. Check out the citrine gemstone products at Peacefful Intentions.


Amethyst’s powerful energy makes it one of the most celebrated gemstones in human history. Until the 18th century, people considered Amethyst one of the most valuable gemstones, along with emeralds and diamonds. However, today it is a semi-precious stone. Amethyst heals the Crown chakra and allows us to open our minds to a higher consciousness. People who wear Amethyst crystal bracelets or other devices can communicate better and experience improved intuition, which is essential for professional development. Explore the variety of Amethyst gemstone products at Peacefful Intentions.

Green Aventurine

What do we love more - the barren desert of the green valley? Most of us tend to choose the green valley because it symbolizes growth and improvement. It is one of the reasons why, at Peacefful Intentions, we recommend the Green Aventurine natural crystal for working professionals. Green Aventurine manifests luck and fortune, which are essential for professional growth and success. It also provides confidence, courage and strength to lead teams and make better decisions. It also encourages professionals to come out of their comfort zones and take up new opportunities. Check Peacefful IntentionsGreen Aventurine collection here.

Black Tourmaline

Black is never considered the colour of purity, however, Black Tourmaline is a gemstone that absorbs the impure energies from our surroundings and releases pure energies. However, placing the Black Tourmaline orgone pyramid at the work desk helps working professionals in a much better way. It can help improve self-confidence, which is essential for making better decisions. It can also help professionals see opportunities for advancing in careers, which they may otherwise miss. If you are looking for professional success, shop Black Tourmaline products from Peacefful Intentions

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