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The usage of healing stones and crystals can be traced back to ancient civilizations. People in the olden times considered chakra crystals as pieces of ornament. But as these devices began to weave their magic into their lives, bringing luck, prosperity, and professional growth, the people noticed their astonishing abilities. There began a wonderful relationship between human beings and chakra healing crystals.

What are Chakras?

Many traditions believe in the concept of life force or life energy. The name used for life force varies across traditions; some call it chi, while some call it prana. It ensures optimal and holistic health in all living beings and is crucial that it flows through our body without any hindrance. It is where healing stones and crystals come into play.

Chakras are energy focal points in the body through which the life force energy flows. Here, we call this energy as orgone energy. There are seven chakras in the body, distributed from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. The chakras are:

Root Chakra - The first chakra that helps us stay grounded and overcome trying situations. Red Jasper is a gemstone that can balance this chakra.



Sacral Chakra - This is the second chakra and center of pleasure, emotion, and connection. Peach Aventurine is a gemstone associated with this chakra.



Solar Plexus Chakra - It is the third chakra and center of confidence, willpower, and reliability. Golden Quartz has the ability to heal and balance this chakra.



Heart Chakra - The fourth chakra that symbolizes warmth, love, compassion, and joy. The gemstone associated with this chakra is Green Aventurine.




Throat Chakra - It is the fifth chakra that helps you accept your originality and speak the truth. Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone that can balance this chakra.




Third Eye Chakra - The sixth chakra where the all-seeing eye rests and helps you see the inner and outer worlds. Sodalite is a gemstone associated with this chakra.




Crown Chakra - The seventh chakra that connects you to the divine and all other living beings. The gemstone associated with this chakra is Amethyst.



    The Importance of Chakra Crystals

    There are times when the seven chakras in our body are not in complete harmony. It disrupts the smooth flow of orgone energy through the body, causing health issues and other conditions. So, how can we ensure that they are in balance? Chakra crystals are the answer. They are natural gemstones with astounding properties that heal and balance the chakras.

    Healing crystals, as they are also called, come in a variety of colors and belong to different crystal families. Each gemstone is associated with a body organ or chakra and helps ensure the chakra is in harmony with the other six chakras. It is thanks to healing stones and crystals that we are able to enjoy a peaceful life where positive energy and feelings surround us.

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