Experience a Marvelous March with Aquamarine Chakra Crystal

Did you know that there are chakra crystals associated with months? These chakra stones are also called birthstones. These appealing gemstones are a vibrant gateway to the exciting world of gemstones. Now, as we get ready to bid farewell to February and welcome March, let us dive deep into the healing stone and crystal of March.

March, named after Mars, the Roman God of War, is the month that denotes the beginning of spring season. The month symbolizes new growth and fertility in all living things, which is why the month is considered with high regard. The healing stone and crystal associated with this month is Aquamarine.

Experience Calmness and Soothing with Aquamarine

The blue-hued Aquamarine, as the name implies, embodies the calmness and tranquility of the ocean. Just like water has the unique ability to wash away all grief, calm, and soothe us, the Aquamarine chakra crystal has the power and ability to comfort us. Apart from that, it has been highly revered since ancient times for its protective and healing properties. 

If you are a collector of chakra stones, Aquamarine is the next gemstone that you need in your collection. Why? Because it facilitates emotional balance and inner peace, helping you be a better version of yourself. But are these the only benefits of Aquamarine? They are not, and let’s take a look at them.

Benefits of Aquamarine

  • Balances Throat Chakra - Gemstones are known as chakra stones because they play a crucial role in healing the chakras. Aquamarine is associated with the Throat Chakra, the fifth primary chakra in the body. Aquamarine’s affinity with the Throat Chakra allows for clear and authentic communication. It encourages individuals to express themselves truthfully and compassionately, while also promoting active listening and understanding in interpersonal relationships.

  • Promotes tranquility - One of the well-known properties of Aquamarine chakra crystal is its ability to calm the mind. The gentle positive energy emitted by Aquamarine has a calming effect on the mind. The gemstone helps in alleviating anxiety, stress, and worry, ensuring better emotional well-being. The sense of peace and serenity it brings into each individual helps them navigate life's various challenges with greater ease and have better clarity.

  • Relieves Stress - Stress and anxiety have become a part of everyday life. The modern way of life, with its high expectations and tighter deadlines, is one of the reasons for a lesser peace of mind. Aquamarine, which is also dubbed the "Stone of Courage," helps expel negativity and tension from our minds and bodies, thanks to its purifying energy. It aids the release of pent-up emotions that weigh us down. With Aquamarine by your side, you can experience freedom from negative energies.

  • Promotes peace and harmony - Aquamarine helps us experience a deep sense of inner peace and emotional balance by balancing the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. The healing stone and crystal help us find balance at good and worse times in life, ensuring a state of overall well-being.
This is all about Aquamarine, the gemstone of March. If you are looking to purchase Aquamarine chakra crystal, check out the collection at Peacefful Intentions.
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