Gift Your Mother the Customisable Mother's Day Gift Box

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and most of us are in a dilemma about which gifts to choose for our mothers. Well, if you are confused, let Peacefful Intentions help you. Click on this link here and get your hands on the best Mother’s Day gift you can ever purchase. But, what is it? It is a specially customizable gift box of natural crystal products.

Healing stones and crystals are excellent gifts for loved ones, especially mothers. Gifting gemstones can be an amazing way to show your affection and help them experience positive moments in life. So, let us look at the special gift box for Mother’s Day from Peacefful Intentions and the products you can add to it.

Mother’s Day Gift Box

At Peacefful Intentions, we know how special each mother is. They go to great lengths to care for the family, and their children, manage all work, and do more. In short, they are the real-life superheroes. It is for them that we have the Mother’s Day Gift Box, where you can choose from a wide range of crystal stone products to complete the box.

This gift box comprises some amazing product categories that delight your mom. The products include:

Crystal Healing Bag

Who doesn’t love those stylish natural crystals that can balance the chakras and promote the flow of orgone energy through the chakras? As the best online store for genuine high-quality gemstone products, we are excited about each gemstone available worldwide. Each of our specially designed crystal healing bags comes with 4 gemstones, each handpicked by us and combined to bring success, relaxation, power, peace, love, and more. We also have the chakra crystal healing bag that comes with seven different gemstones to balance the chakras.


Orgone pyramids are one of the most popular orgonite devices. Each orgonite device is made of healing stones and crystals, metal shavings, resins, and other materials that help it absorb negative energy and convert it into positive energy. You can choose from a variety of pyramid devices for the gift box, including the Turquoise Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid with Clear Quartz Crystal and Copper Coil, the Lapis Orgonite Pyramid with Clear Quartz Crystal Angel and Copper Coil, and more.

Crystal Roll-on

Crystal roll-ons with essential oils are gradually gaining in popularity. They are a novel way to enjoy the benefits of crystal stones and essential oils. The crystal roll-ons available at Peacefful Intentions come with a lot of benefits such as uplifting the mood, providing emotional balance, and uplifting energy, among many others. You can add your favourite crystal roll-on to the Mother’s Day Gift Box.

Wire Wrapped Necklace

Surprise your mom by adding a stylish golden wire-wrapped necklace to the gift box. Our necklaces are designed with genuine natural crystals ethically sourced from natural sources. It helps ensure that the necklaces not only look good on the person but also offer protection and positive feelings at all times.

Black Obsidian Coaster

Black Obsidian is a chakra stone known for providing prosperity and courage. It cleanses your surroundings of negative energy and brings peace into your life. Choose from a wide collection of Black Obsidian Coasters to recharge healing stones and crystals and bring wellness to your mind, body, and soul.

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