How to Care for Your Spiritual Crystals?

In the mystical world of healing crystals, the allure of gemstones is not limited to their beauty but also includes their properties of energy healing and emotional and spiritual well-being. Every spiritual crystal plays a crucial role in promoting the flow of positive energy in our surroundings and ensuring inner harmony. However, for gemstones to function effectively, proper care and cleansing is required. 

Today, let’s dive into the practices of caring for your invaluable gemstones and crystals, how to perform crystal smudging and cleansing, and how to use sage for cleansing.

Why Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals is not a new concept. The practice of using gemstones for spiritual and physical well-being and benefits has been there since ancient civilizations. With the discovery of orgone energy and orgone energy devices, how humans use spiritual crystals has changed. Today, they come in different shapes and can be carried with you or placed in your personal and professional space.

Gemstones emit potent energies that resonate with the chakras - the energy centers in our body. Each of the seven chakras in our body has healing crystals associated with them. The unique properties and positive vibrations help the chakras to align with each other, enhancing spiritual healing and physical well-being. The energy of every crystal - from Amethyst to Tiger’s Eye to Black Tourmaline - helps all living beings experience inner harmony and transformation.

Smudging and Cleansing Crystals




Like everything else, spiritual crystals also need proper care to benefit us efficiently. One of the ways to care for them is to smudge and cleanse them. Smudging and cleansing are vital in eliminating all the negative energies the gemstones absorb and accumulate. The practice of smudging and cleansing helps restore the energy of gemstones. 

One of the widely practiced methods of purifying gemstones and crystals is by burning sage. Sage is a revered herb famed for its cleansing properties. Using sage for cleansing helps the crystals to be refilled with positive energy and vibrations.

How to use Sage for Cleansing?




Sage is a sacred herb used in many traditions and known for its cleansing and purification properties. When burning sage, it gives out an aromatic smoke that expels negative energies and brings balance and harmony to the space. Burning sage helps create an optimal environment that facilitates spiritual growth.

When using sage for cleansing your gemstone and crystals, make sure that you are in a spacious room with proper ventilation so that the smoke can disperse effectively and reach all areas. Also, the intention in you mind and heart should be pure and focused, which helps complement the cleansing process and re-energises the gemstones.

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Cultivate a deeper connection with your crystals and unlock their full healing potential through practices of cleasing.

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