How to make your own Orgone Pyramids?

We all know about orgone pyramids and their exceptional abilities for promoting positive thinking and holistic well-being. You can find a good collection of crystal pyramids at Peacefful Intentions. Each pyramid at our online store features genuine healing crystals and many other elements that help it convert negative energies to positive energies.

Every pyramid device boasts incredible benefits that make it popular among humans. The benefits include:

  • Protection from EMF
  • Converts Negative Energy to Positive Energy
  • Promotes Sound Sleep
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Balances Chakras

As you browse the orgone energy pyramids at Peacefful Intentions, you may wonder whether it is possible to make it yourself. Well, it is. Today, let us take you through the nuances of molding an orgone pyramid yourself.

Making Crystal Pyramids at Home

Making crystal pyramids at home is not ideal as a full-time activity but a pastime you can practice occasionally. The pyramid devices you can purchase from online stores such as Peacefful Intentions are infused with powerful positive energies and molded by skilled artisans using genuine healing crystals.

To make a pyramid, you need the following items:

Authentic Gemstones

    Gemstones are an integral part of orgone energy pyramids as their ability depends upon the gemstones used. You can use any crystal to make pyramids, including the Black Tourmaline, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Moonstone, or any other authentic healing crystals available at Peacefful Intentions.  

    Metal Shavings

      Metal plays a crucial role in helping orgone pyramids generate positive vibrations. In any pyramid device you check, you can find them using metal in various forms. Some may use metal shavings, while others may sport metals in different designs. You can use metal shavings available at local workshops for molding a pyramid device at your home.

      Quartz Crystals

        Quartz crystals find their way into crystal pyramids because of their ability to enhance the orgone energy generating capability of these devices. You can easily purchase quartz crystals online.


          Molds are important as they help with the shape of the orgonite devices. As you know, orgone energy generating devices come in various shapes such as necklaces, pendants, Nubian pyramids, and more, as you can find at Peacefful Intentions. Among them, orgone energy pyramids are the most popular. So, make sure you have an ovenproof pyramid mold to make the pyramid.


            Epoxy or liquid resin is what formulates the outer shell of the orgonite device. Mix resin and hardener mixed with genuine healing crystals, quartz crystals, metals, and other elements to make the orgone device.

            Step-by-Step Guide

            Step 1 - In a well-ventilated room, set up a clean and organized workspace.

            Step 2 - Take the healing crystals and quartz crystals chosen for the orgone pyramid.

            Step 3 - Take the metal shavings of different metals to help the crystal pyramid absorb negative energy and convert them to positive energy.

            Step 4 - Create the resin mixture and mix it to an even consistency. Pour it into the mold sprayed with the release agent. Create a base layer and place the crystals and metal onto it.

            Step 5 - Allow the resin to cure, after which carefully remove the pyramid from the mold. You can recharge the orgone energy pyramid with powerful energies by exposing it to sunlight or moonlight.

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