Moonstone - The Gemstone of June

We have almost reached halfway through 2024. Looking back, we cannot help but notice the role of orgonite necklaces and other orgonite devices in helping us stay positive and healthy. As a leading provider of authentic gemstone products, Peacefful Intentions is grateful for being able to help our dear customers enjoy the benefits of positive energy.

Each month has specific natural crystals associated with them. We fondly refer to these gemstones as birthstones, and it is common practice to carry our birthstones around. June has three gemstones - Alexandrite, Pearl and Moonstone. Whether you are a Gemini or a Cancer, carrying all three or just any of them can help you enjoy better times.

Today, Peacefful Intentions would like to turn our attention to Moonstone, the crystal stone of June. Let us check why Moonstone is highly popular and what it brings.

Moonstone Gemstone

We all love the moon, the celestial body that lightens the night sky, calming and soothing us. Incidentally, the moonstone natural crystal also boasts the same properties as its namesake. Here is what makes this gemstone unique.

Aids New Beginnings

One of the renowned properties of orgonite necklaces and other orgonite devices made with moonstone gemstone is that they help with new beginnings. You can wear moonstone orgonite products when you join a new profession or start a new business. This is the stone of new beginnings, and nothing helps you better when you start a new venture.

Boosts Feminine Energy

Among the celestial beings, the moon is attributed to feminine qualities. The moonstone crystal stone is also considered a feminine stone. It can promote hormonal balance, balance your emotions and remove mental confusion. As a gemstone that targets the feminine side of people, Moonstone helps in promoting gentleness and compassion. By balancing the masculine and feminine sides of our lives, this crystal can bring true balance to our lives.

Boosts Sleep

Our lifestyle has turned into such a way that we are unable to care for ourselves properly. We do not get enough sleep, which affects our productivity and work. Wearing Moonstone orgonite necklaces while going to sleep or keeping other Moonstone orgonite devices beside your bed can help calm your mind and promote sleep. It can relax and soothe you and promote peacefulness, which is essential for a sound sleep. This gemstone also works wonders with people suffering from insomnia.

Spiritual Healing

Moonstone natural crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra, the seventh chakra in our body and the seat of higher consciousness. Located at the crown of our head, the Crown Chakra opens our minds to new realms and identifies the connection between us, the divine and other living beings. When your Crown Chakra is in harmony with the other chakras, your mind opens up to new possibilities, gains spiritual enlightenment and stays connected with the universe. 

Emotional Healing

Depression, anxiety and other mental conditions occur when we find it difficult to control and balance our emotions. Moonstone crystal stone encourages us to explore the joys in life so that we experience a state of harmony and well-being.

June is the best month to explore and enjoy the amazing benefits of Moonstone gemstone. Find a wide collection of Moonstone orgonite products at Peacefful Intentions. Shop now!
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