The Tea Tree Essential Oil: Promoting Healthy Living

The Tea Tree Essential Oil: Promoting Healthy Living

Across traditions and cultures, we can find many forms of alternate healing practices. One such practice is the use of essential oils. They have their place in aromatherapy, where aromatic materials help promote health and well-being.

At Peacefful Intentions, we have a good collection of some of the best essential oils made from organic materials that deliver amazing healing properties. Today, let us focus on the Tea Tree Essential Oil, and understand more about the product and its many benefits.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree is found on the South East coast of Australia. Tea tree leaves undergo steam distillation to make the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is an organic essential oil the Aboriginals of Australia traditionally use for its antiseptic properties.

Here is why you should buy the Tea Tree Essential Oil from Peacefful Intentions.

Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil


    Skin conditions like acne and blemishes impact our confidence. The Tea tree essential oil has wonderful properties that ensure the skin’s health. The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil help reduce the development of acne on the skin and so does its antimicrobial properties. Get the tea tree essential oil if you wish to be the proud owner of clear and beautiful skin.

    Antiseptic Properties

      Why is tea tree oil one of the best essential oils? The answer is the powerful antiseptic properties it boasts. The early users of tea tree oil, the Australian Aboriginals identified its antiseptic properties and used it to reap this benefit. This oil helps kill fungi, bacteria and other viruses. You can use tea tree oil to treat small cuts or wounds. It can also help reduce the effects of insect bites.


        Haircare is one of the hardest care regimens. We try different products but to no avail. One of the benefits of the tea tree organic essential oil is that it assists you with keeping your hair smooth and shiny. Tea tree oil can help treat dry scalp, dandruff and even head lice. You can use tea tree oil with your shampoo or with a carrier oil for a scalp massage.

        Anti-fungal Properties

          Foot problems like athlete’s foot and nail fungus are common fungal problems. You can apply the tea tree essential oil to the affected area to alleviate these issues and ensure healthy feet.

          Skin Conditions

            Tea tree oil is believed to offer relief from certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. You can dilute the oil with other carrier oils and apply it topically on the affected area.

            How to Use the Best Essential Oil?

            Always ensure you use the best essential oils with carrier oils like coconut oil or almond oil. You should not apply essential oils directly on the skin, without diluting it with carrier oils. Using it undiluted may cause irritation or allergic reactions in some individuals. You can perform a patch test on the skin to determine whether you have any allergic reaction.

            Buy the Tea Tree Essential Oil from Peacefful Intentions at just USD 15.99 and enjoy its versatile healing properties. Our organic essential oils come with a handmade wood flower for diffusing the oil. Just put 2-3 drops on the flower and keep the flower wherever you want for therapeutic benefits.

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