Tiger's Eye - the Revered Spiritual Crystal

In the amazing world of gemstones and spiritual crystals, there are many that catch our eye for their distinctive hue and unique properties. One among them is Tiger’s Eye. True to its name, this lustrous chakra stone resembles a tiger's eye and is revered for its many metaphysical properties.

Today, let us delve deep into the meaning, healing, and metaphysical properties of Tiger’s Eye gemstone and why you should own products made with this healing crystal.

About Tiger’s Eye




A metamorphic gemstone, Tiger’s Eye appears in golden to reddish-brown colors.  It was revered in the early times, especially by the Egyptians and Romans. They considered it as a guardian gemstone and as a protective tool. 

Romans believed that wearing this chakra stone during battle would help them fight with courage and protect them from all evil. Just like a tiger, one of the fiercest and most courageous animals in the jungle, you get the courage to face any challenge and lead a brave life if you wear the Tiger’s Eye gemstone. 

Properties and Benefits




The Tiger’s Eye is a healing crystal known for its many healing and metaphysical properties. It includes:

Instilling Courage

During life's journey, we would often be faced with difficult challenges that require us to be resilient and brave. If we have the revered Tiger’s Eye spiritual crystal with us, then we can feel the gemstone empowering us with the courage to navigate through life's uncertainties. The powerful positive energy emitted from this gemstone will help us face the challenges head-on.

Protection from Negativity

Today’s world, with its chaos and uncertainty, fills our minds with negative energies and thoughts that affect the clarity of our thoughts and our vitality. But when these negative energies try to affect our minds, Tiger’s Eye stands as a guardian, protecting our minds from the effects of negative energy. This healing stone works its magic in shielding us from harmful negative vibrations and purifying our environment with positive energies.

Balances Chakra

The potent chakra stone, Tiger’s Eye is known for its chakra healing properties. The gemstone is associated with both the Root Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. While the Root Chakra helps us stay grounded and live in the present, the Sacral Chakra helps dispel fear from our minds. Tiger’s Eye helps these two chakras to stay in alignment with the other chakras and promotes the smooth flow of orgone energy. 

Promotes Emotional Balance

A healthy life is when our physical, mental, and emotional states are in balance, and when each state in itself is in balance. Living without any emotional balance can cause feelings such as anger, rage, sadness, and others to accumulate. It can also affect our quality of life. Tiger’s Eye spiritual crystal acts as a stabilizing force, restoring inner calmness. It also helps facilitate clarity of thought, make better decisions, and experience a sense of inner peace.

These are some of the reasons why Tiger’s Eye is considered one of the most powerful gemstones known to man and why you should own Tiger’s Eye gemstones or orgonite products made from it. At Peacefful Intentions, we have an amazing collection of authentic Tiger’s Eye gemstone products. Explore now.

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