Understanding the Healing Crystal Sunstone

Healing crystals play crucial roles in our lives. One of the most celebrated properties of gemstones is that they help expel negative energies in the body and convert them into powerful positive energy. From the days of the ancient civilizations, many gemstones were known to and used by man. Among them are spiritual crystals, chakra stones, and others. 

One gemstone known for its wide array of healing and metaphysical properties is the Sunstone. Available at Peacefful Intentions, this healing crystal bestows blessings in our lives, helping us grow and prosper. But that is not all. Let’s check out Sunstone and what makes it a popular gemstone.


Resembling the Sun’s fiery nature, we can find the Sunstone coming in yellow, orange, and red colours. Across the world, individuals interested in learning about the metaphysical properties of spiritual crystals believe that Sunstone contains solar energy and the power and light of the sun. 

Sunstone is also known as heliolite and belongs to the feldspar group of gemstones. People believe that, as it represents the heat and energy of the sun, it is highly beneficial to wear it on a Sunday. As a precious stone, it attracts attention, which can be crucial when looking for success.

Properties of Sunstone

Chakra Stone

    Sunstone is a well-known chakra stone known for its ability to heal and balance the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is the pleasure centre of the body and is represented by the colour orange. Sunstone aligns the sacral chakra with the other chakras, promoting the smooth flow of orgone energy through the body. The Sunstone also helps us connect better with the Heart Chakra and opens our minds to unconditional love.

    Negative Energy Buster

      Negative energy is all around us and it negatively impacts our health. However, Sunstone, the healing stone, is known to be a buster of negative energy. Like all other popular gemstones, it helps absorb the negative energies in our surroundings. The negative energy is then converted into positive energy before being released into the surroundings.

      Improves Leadership Qualities

        Sunstone gemstones that you can purchase from providers of genuine chakra stones such as Peacefful Intentions, is believed to be an ideal gemstone for politicians. In fact, anyone who aspires to be a true leader can buy and wear this gemstone. One of the properties associated with Sunstone is that it helps improve the leadership qualities of an individual. It helps them make better decisions that benefit the group rather than the individuals.

        Aids Business

          Running a business is not always smooth sailing. There will be times when hardships and losses, may add to stress and anxiety, However, Sunstone gemstones are known to aid business growth by helping business owners stay away from making bad decisions that affect the business. If you are saddened by a sudden business loss, being near this gemstone can help you overcome it.

          Improve Relationships

            The ability of Sunstone to heal the Heart Chakra ensures that you maintain better relationships in life, be it with your friends, family or partner.

            These are some of the properties of the Sunstone spiritual crystal. Purchase Sunstone crystals at just USD 4.00 from Peacefful Intentions. Shop now!
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