Understanding Tongue Drums

Tongue drums are becoming popular in the metaphysical world of powerful energies, natural crystals, and other elements. When devices like the orgone pyramid, available at Peacefful Intentions, transform the energies of a given space, the tongue drum portals you to a different realm where peace and tranquility prosper.

The origin of the Tongue Drum can be traced to ancient times, however, the drums we find now are a modern invention. These drums offer many benefits, which we will get into shortly.

What is Tongue Drum?

Tongue Drum, or Happy Drum, is an innovative product that helps soothe our minds like the ever-popular orgone pyramids. Circular in shape, this product has tongue-like shapes cut on the surface which produces melodic sounds when stuck with mallets or fingers. While natural crystals are crucial for the proper functioning of orgonite pyramids, the width and length of the tongues define the note produced. At Peacefful Intentions, we have an impressive collection of Tongue Drums in various colours and patterns. 

Benefits of Tongue Drums

As mentioned earlier, Tongue Drums boast many crucial benefits, and they include:

Relaxation and Meditation

In this modern world, it is easy to get anxious and stressed, but difficult to stay calm, composed, and relaxed. It is where genuine products made with natural crystals come to the limelight. The energies they release into the surroundings help calm and soothe us. If the energies generated by gemstones relax us, for tongue drums it is the melodic sounds that help us relax. When we beat tongue drums with mallets or fingers, they produce harmonious sounds in soothing rhythmic patterns that calm our minds, reduce stress, and promote inner peace and tranquility.

Mindfulness and Mindful Drumming

Mindfulness and mindful meditation help us stay in the present and be aware of our surroundings. Tongue Drums can act as a powerful tool for meditation. While getting ready to meditate, you can ask your friend or family members to beat the drum in rhythmic patterns. It can help relax your mind and take you deeper into your inner self.

Stress Relief and Emotional Expression

When you feel stressed and think there is no outlet for stressful emotions, you can try playing the tongue drum you have purchased from Peacefful Intentions. It can provide you with an excellent outlet for accumulated stress and tension. When you strike the different tongues on the drum, the music created will soothe your mind and aid the release of tension, and expression of feelings. 

Musical Instrument

Whether it is to teach music, compose music, or use as a musical instrument for performances, the tongue drums can be perfect for any occasion. Tongue Drums are ideal for different kinds of music including world music, ambient music, folk music, and more. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to transport, making them ideal for outdoor gatherings, camping trips, and musical adventures.

Peaceful Intentions, the home of the widest collection of orgone pyramids and other devices, also boasts an impressive collection of Tongue Drums. Available in different colours, they come in a 12-inch size. You can purchase them for 150 USD. Use the code WELCOME10 and get a flat 10% discount on your first order and we offer free shipping on all orders. Shop now!
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