Wear Your Style: Stylish Orgonite Necklaces at Peacefful Intentions

Orgonite necklaces and other orgonite devices are powerful protective devices that shield the wearer or user from harmful negative energies. These devices generate positive orgone energy courtesy of the chakra crystals they contain. 

There are times when we feel let down and unhappy in life. It is when we need the healing ability of chakra stone necklaces. The incredible orgone gemstones they contain help heal and balance our chakras, promote the flow of orgone energy, and bring happiness to our lives. It is one of the primary reasons why orgonite devices have resonated well with the masses. At Peacefful Intentions, we have a good collection of chakra gemstone necklaces ideal for those looking for powerful orgone energy generating devices.

Orgonite Necklaces at Peacefful Intentions

When juxtaposing orgonite necklaces with other orgonite devices, like pyramids, it may not be far-fetched to comment that the former offers all-around protection than the latter. Well, it is because we buy chakra stone necklaces to be worn as they have a unique stylistic appeal and shield us from negativity. On the other hand, you can keep orgonite pyramids in a personal space and offer protection while we are in that space. It helps prepare the space for our well-being, filling it with positive energy.

Chakra gemstone necklaces hold the upper hand slightly compared to the other devices. That is why Peacefful Intentions brings you the best necklaces with the best chakra crystals. Let us take a look at the products.

Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pendant Necklace 




Black Tourmaline is an exciting orgone gemstone that clears energy blockages and promotes orgone energy flow through the chakras. The Black Tourmaline chakra stone necklace heals the Root chakra, helping the wearer stay grounded and in the present. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety and calm the mind.

This pendant is available at Peacefful Intentions in a 14-inch size, and you can purchase it for 12 USD.

Chakra Orgonite Pendant Necklace 




There are seven chakras in the body. For holistic health, each must be in alignment with the other six. Chakra crystals ensure that the chakras are in balance. However, if you are purchasing the Chakra Orgonite Pendant Necklace, you can find seven different gemstones in the device, each for a chakra. It can help balance all the chakras and ensure better health and well-being.

This pendant comes in a 14-inch size, and you can purchase it from Peacefful Intentions for just 12 USD.

Chakra Teardrop Orgonite Pendant Necklace 




Style and shape do matter, especially when it comes to devices like chakra gemstone necklaces. The Chakra Teardrop Orgonite Pendant Necklace takes the shape of a teardrop rather than a rod shape. This shape helps the necklace to conform well to the body. Also, the necklace contains seven gemstones that help balance all the chakras.

You can purchase this 14-inch pendant for just USD 12 from Peacefful Intentions.

Aquamarine Orgonite Pendant Necklace 




Aquamarine is one of the best gemstones known to man. Representing the calmness of the water, it balances the throat chakra and boosts your self-confidence. The Aquamarine Orgonite Pendant Necklace is the chakra stone necklace you need to promote better communication with others.

Purchase this 14-inch long pendant for USD 12 from Peacefful Intentions.

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