Heal all Chakras with Selenite Suncatcher with Chakra Crystals

All over the world, we can come across various devices used by different cultures as a totem, protective devices, and even embellishments. One such device is the Dreamcatcher, which we have discussed in detail; access the link here. The one thing similar to all these devices is that they contain chakra crystals.

Like the Dreamcatcher, which originated in Native America, is the Suncatcher. The Suncatcher also has its origin in Native America, where they used it to capture the energy of the sun. Modern Suncatcher devices follow this principle, like those available at Peacefful Intentions. You can place it indoors, anywhere, and the healing stones will capture positive energies from the sun and transform your space.

One of the featured products among the Suncatchers at Peacefful Intentions is the Selenite Suncatcher, which contains seven chakra stones to align your chakras. Let’s take a look at the product.

Selenite Sun Catcher with Chakra Heart Tree of Life

It needs no reminding that evil energy is all around us. From evil eyes to negative energies, these affect our lives, hindering growth and progress. However, dreamcatchers and suncatchers with healing stones help ward off negative energies and evil eyes. 

The Selenite Sun Catcher with Chakra Heart Tree of Life, available at Peacefful Intentions, sports the evil eye stone that helps catch the evil gazes of others and offers you protection from it. This suncatcher's selenite gemstone helps clear our surroundings' energies and enhance mental clarity.

This suncatcher also has the Chakra Tree of Life. The Tree of Life symbolizes growth and prosperity and has seven chakra crystals. These gemstones help balance and harmonize the seven chakras in our body to promote the flow of orgone energy. With its chakra stones, the Tree of Life helps connect you with a higher consciousness.

So, once you have purchased the Selenite Sun Catcher from Peacefful Intentions, you can hang it outdoors or indoors to harness the energy it generates. Here are some excellent spots to hang it:


There is nothing more classic than hanging a suncatcher in a window. Doing so helps the suncatcher to catch more sunlight and positive energies to pass through. For someone celebrating the aesthetic, it also creates unique patterns in the room. Hanging it on the window will also help energize the chakra crystals.


We hang various items in our car, but seldom a suncatcher. The Selenite suncatcher cleanses and purifies the negative energies accumulated in the car. It can help us enjoy a more serene driving experience and promote mental clarity.


Orgonite devices with healing stones can help transform the energies of any space. It is, therefore, beneficial to place them in your work area at the office and home. It can clear the negative energies and fill the space with positive energies. With its help, you can concentrate more on your work.


If you want positive energy to enter your home, placing the Selenite Sun Catcher from Peacefful Intentions at the entryways is the way to go. The chakra stones will filter the energies and eliminate all negative energies.

These are some of the unique features of the Selenite Sun Catcher from Peacefful Intentions. Purchase it for 10.00 USD.
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