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The Best Gemstones for Your Mother

Mother’s Day is a special occasion for all around the world. It is a day dedicated to appreciating the love and care mothers show us throughout our lives and showing our appreciation in the form of gifts. We looked at the fully customizable Mother’s Day gift box, from Peacefful Intentions, the previous day. The gift box, with its natural crystal products, is an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

Today, let us explore another selection of gifts - chakra stones. Just like gifting our customizable gift box, buying gemstones and gifting them to your mother can be an amazing way to show your love and care. However, the question is whether you can buy any gemstone from Peacefful Intentions or if there are special gemstones for mothers.

Let us take you through the best gemstones you can gift your mother.

Gemstones for Your Mother

Gemstones are ideal gifts for mothers and they have been so for long. For Mother’s Day or any other day, you can gift the following healing stones to your mother.


    As the name suggests, the Moonstone is associated with the energy of the moon, a celestial object. It radiates feminine energy and is known for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety from the mind. This natural crystal is associated with the Crown chakra, the highest of all chakras. It rests on the crown of the head and is the bridge between our consciousness and divine consciousness. It opens a connection between us, the other living beings, and the divine. Moonstone also helps us discover our place in this vast universe. Peacefful Intentions has a good collection of Moonstone chakra stone products which you can browse here and purchase the ideal one for your mom.


      A mother’s love and care is as vast and deep as the ocean. For someone who nurtures like the sea, you can gift the Aquamarine gemstone. Aquamarine is a healing stone that resembles the sea and heals the Throat chakra. Throat chakra facilitates easy communication, which is essential in maintaining good relationships with others. Aquamarine resembles the calming and soothing properties of the ocean and has the ability to wash away grief and soothe us. Choose from a wide collection of products sporting this blue-hued natural crystal and gift the best to your mom.


        Known as the Lucky Merchant Stone, the Citrine healing stone is known for its ability to bring luck, abundance, and prosperity. But as a yellow-hued gemstone, it also represents the warmth of your mother. It is one of the reasons why gifting products made with Citrine to your mother is an excellent idea. As a gemstone that manifests business growth, Citrine helps one make better decisions that prevent the loss of money, which c can also help your mother manage her financial affairs better. Citrine also helps keep emotions in check and promotes mental clarity and focus.

        Well, these are the chakra stones that you can gift your mother for Mother’s Day. At Peacefful Intentions, the home of the largest collection of gemstone products, you can buy genuine crystal products across various categories. Also, use the code WELCOME10 and get a 10% flat discount on your first order and free shipping on all orders above $24. Shop now.
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