Using Crystal Stone Pendulums: What You Need to Know

How many of us have tried diverse strategies when we were children to make a decision? Even though grown-up, decision-making still poses a great challenge to us. We find it difficult to decide whether to do or not do something, to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to someone or to make any other decision. If you can relate to this situation, it is time to meet the crystal stone pendulums.

Understanding Gemstone Pendulums

Pendulums are nothing new to us. We could have found characters in TV shows, movies and anime using a pendulum for various purposes (mostly sinister). However natural crystal pendulums are used for spiritual purposes in the real world. Yes, you heard it right. We use gemstone pendulums as a divination tool for spiritual guidance and to make better decisions.

The gemstone pendulum, as the name suggests, consists of a healing stone attached to the end of the chain or string. These are powerful devices capable of providing the right answer to our questions and cleansing the negative energy around us. That is why ancient civilisations considered pendulums in high regard, a practice that continues even today.

Using the Natural Crystal Pendulum

Have you bought a crystal stone pendulum from Peacefful Intentions but need help with how to use it? Well, you are in luck! Today we will teach you how to use the pendulum to discover the right answers.

Find the Right Environment

Before using the gemstone pendulum, you must find a room that offers no distraction while promoting a peaceful environment.

State Your Intention

Set your mind up and clearly state the intention for which you need an answer. For the healing stone pendulum to work effectively, your mind should be solely focused on the question.

Hold the Pendulum

Take the pendulum and hold it in your dominant hand. Take the chain or string between your thumb and index finger. Let the pendulum swing freely. Make sure that your hand is steady and you are solely concentrated on the intention.

Ask Questions

With your mind and body fully under control, it is time to ask the questions and the natural crystal pendulum will provide the answers. It is crucial to understand what the movement of the pendulum means. Traditionally, when the pendulum is rotating clockwise, the answer is considered as ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for anti-clockwise rotation. 

Master the Art

You must master the art of using the crystal stone pendulum to interpret its movements better.  Practice with your gemstone pendulum from Peacefful Intentions and get ready to make decisions guided by the divine force.

Healing Stone Pendulums at Peacefful Intentions

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