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Tigers Eye Gemstone Pointed Golden Pendulum

Tigers Eye Gemstone Pointed Golden Pendulum

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Tiger's Eye is a popular gemstone known for its distinctive golden to brownish color and chatoyant or cat's-eye effect. This Tiger's Eye Resin faceted Pendulum with yoga chakra is believed to have specific meanings and benefits in the realm of metaphysics.
Size: about 360mm long; pendant: 62~64x19.5mm; beads: 6~12mm; chain: 2mm
Here are some commonly associated meanings and benefits of a Tiger's Eye gemstone pendulum.

1. Protection and Grounding: Tiger's Eye is often considered a protective stone. It is believed to ward off negative energies and promote a sense of grounding, stability, and security. Using a Tiger's Eye pendulum may assist in creating a protective energy shield.

2. Confidence and Courage:
Tiger's Eye is associated with qualities such as confidence, courage, and strength. It is believed to boost self-esteem and help individuals overcome fears and self-doubt. Using a Tiger's Eye pendulum may enhance feelings of empowerment.

3. Focus and Clarity: The chatoyant effect in Tiger's Eye is said to resemble an eye, leading to its association with enhanced focus and concentration. Using a Tiger's Eye pendulum may help in staying focused on goals and tasks, providing mental clarity.

4. Balancing Yin and Yang Energies: Tiger's Eye is believed to balance both yin and yang energies within the body. This balance is thought to harmonize the opposing forces and create a sense of equilibrium. Using a Tiger's Eye pendulum may assist in achieving this energetic balance.

5. Abundance and Prosperity: Tiger's Eye attracts abundance and prosperity. It is thought to bring opportunities for financial success and good fortune. Using a Tiger's Eye pendulum may enhance the manifestation of wealth and abundance.

6. Emotional Harmony: Tiger's Eye is associated with emotional stability and harmony. It is believed to help with emotional healing and bring about a sense of calm and balance. Using a Tiger's Eye pendulum may contribute to emotional well-being.

How to Use
- Cleanse and Charge
- Be relaxed to let the energy flow
- Hold the chain between your forefinger and thumb of whichever hand
is more comfortable.
- Move your other hand away, you may see the pendulum start to move.
- Ask test questions to find which direction your pendulum moves.
- Once you understand the clear direction of Yes or No based on the test
question, you are all set to use it.

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