What You Need to Know About Burning Sage?

Burning sage is a cleansing ritual practiced from ancient times. However, it is still widely accepted as one of the best ways of cleansing the spaces and energies of negative emotions and energies. 

Sage smudge sticks are used when you want to cleanse your home or gemstones, therefore, the practice is also called smudging. So, as it is widely practiced, should you also do it? If so, why should you do it? Check what Peacefful Intentions has to say.

Why Sage for Cleansing?

When we think of cleansing, we seldom think of purifying the metaphysical. Our thought is always limited to cleansing what we can see. As a powerful herb, using sage for cleansing helps clear off negative energies from within our body and our surroundings. Quick to understand this, the ancients used it to ensure holistic health and well-being in their communities.

Here are the top benefits of burning sage:

It Purifies

    When burning Sage smudge sticks, it releases powerful smoke that fills the surroundings and cleanses it. Sage also possesses powerful antimicrobial properties that help keep harmful and infectious microbes from causing you harm. The ever-popular White Sage has antibacterial and antiviral properties that offer a range of benefits. The sage available at Peacefful Intentions helps purify your body and your spaces.

    It Dispels Negative Energy

      Negative energies harm us in more than one way. From making our chakras go out of alignment to causing health conditions, negative energies negatively impact our lives. But by using sage for cleansing you can expel all the negative energies in your surroundings. Sage emits negative ions when burned and they help pure the air by ridding it of any negative energies.

      You can burn sage in the space you set apart for meditation as it establishes a positive environment. It can also help you get rid of those negative thoughts and set your mind for self-improvement.

      Cleanses Devices

        We buy orgonite devices like pyramids, pendulums, and bracelets to enjoy the benefits of the gemstones they are made of. However, the more you use these the ability of the gemstones starts to wane. Burning sage helps to charge these gemstones with positive energy and renew their abilities. Here is how to cleanse your devices with sage.

        Also, if you buy any devices from a thrift store or feel like any object you have received contains negative energy, you can use sage to cleanse it. This way, you can ensure that these devices are safe to use. To buy the best quality sage for smudging and cleansing, make sure to visit the collection at Peacefful Intentions.

        Improves You

          Using sage for cleansing helps in improving you personally. Wondering how? Well, there are many ways. It helps improve your mood, relieve stress from your mind, and improve your sleep quality. The negative energies around us can impact our minds, giving rise to stress, anxiety, and bad mood. The negative ions released when we burn sage helps clear it out and promote well-being.

          These are the major benefits of using sage smudge sticks for smudging and cleansing. Make sure to visit Peacefful Intentions for the best quality orgone energy devices, healing crystals, and other products. Shop now!
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