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Abundance Essential Oil Crystal Roll On

Abundance Essential Oil Crystal Roll On

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Size : length x width x height

Abundance essential oil roll-on charged with Howlite crystal can be a wonderful way to focus on manifesting prosperity, abundance, and a sense of well-being. Our combination of Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus & Marjoram with Howlite Crystal charged enhances your ability to attract wealth, success and Abundance.
Here are some of the key benefits and uses of such a blend:

1. Attracting Prosperity:
The essential oils in the blend, are associated with abundance and prosperity. They may help in fostering a positive mindset conducive to attracting wealth and success.

2. Manifestation Support: This blend is often used in manifestation practices for their believed ability to attract abundance and amplify intentions for success and prosperity.

3. Uplifting Energy: Marjoram oil's uplifting scent can promote feelings of joy, positivity, and creativity, supporting a mindset of abundance and optimism.

4. Energizing Properties: Eucalyptus oil is energizing and can boost motivation and drive, potentially supporting efforts toward abundance and success.

5. Howlite Crystal's Influence: Howlite is linked with calmness, awareness, and contentment. Its presence in the blend is believed to amplify intentions for attracting abundance and promoting a sense of well-being.

6. Mindset Shift: Using this roll-on can serve as a tool for shifting your mindset toward abundance, encouraging a positive outlook on opportunities and wealth.

7. Ritual and Intention Setting: Applying the roll-on can be a part of a ritual to set intentions for prosperity, fostering a sense of gratitude for current blessings while inviting more abundance into your life.

Remember, essential oils can have individual effects on different people, so it's essential to test the blend on a small patch of skin to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions. Additionally, while essential oils can provide support for mood and relaxation, they're not a substitute for professional medical treatment for serious emotional issues. 


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