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Chakra Crystal Kit

Chakra Crystal Kit

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Chakra gemstones are associated with the seven main energy centers, or chakras, in the body. This chakra set corresponds to specific physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and the use of gemstones is believed to balance and align these energy centers. This Chakra set contains following items - 

1) Chakra Pyramid: A Chakra Orgonite Pyramid is a unique and intentional combination of orgonite and crystals, designed to align with and balance the body's energy centers known as chakras. Orgonite is a mixture of resin, metal shavings, and crystals, believed to have the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. When combined with crystals associated with each chakra, the pyramid is thought to enhance the overall energy flow and promote well-being.

2) Chakra Crystal Healing Bag: Chakra healing crystal is a form of energy work that focuses on the seven main wheels/Chakras of energy within our body. The Chakra crystal healing bag has Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Golden Quartz, Carnelian and Red Jasper crystals to balance the 7 Chakras in the body.

3) Chakra Bracelet: Chakra bracelet can help you infuse your intentions related to each chakra. As you put on the bracelet, you can set positive affirmations or goals associated with balancing and aligning your energy centers.

4) Protect Essential Oil Crystal Roll On: It can be a beneficial combination to support the immune system and promote overall well-being, particularly during times when you want to boost your body's defenses against environmental threats. Our Protect blend is a combination of Lemon, Eucalyptus, Clove, Rosemary & Carrier Oil with Red Jasper Crystal charged to help protect you mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally from any attack. 

5) Chakra Pendant: The combination of orgonite and chakra gemstones is believed to enhance overall energy flow. This necklace can help balance and harmonize the body's energy centers.

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