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Citrine & Geen Aneturine Crystal Resin Owl

Citrine & Geen Aneturine Crystal Resin Owl

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This beautiful "Citrine and Green Aventurine" chips resin crystal owl" is visually captivating and spiritually meaningful piece, designed to enhance the ambiance of any space while also serving as a focal point for meditation, reflection, or spiritual practice. It is made up of following -

1.Citrine & Geen Aneturine Chips : The combination of Citrine and Green Aventurine chips creates a harmonious synergy that magnifies their individual properties, fostering a powerful energy blend for abundance and growth. Citrine, renowned as the "Merchant's Stone," radiates vibrant energies of prosperity and success, attracting wealth and opportunities with its golden glow. Its ability to enhance manifestation and positive thinking empowers us to pursue our goals with confidence and determination. In tandem, green aventurine, the "Stone of Opportunity," infuses the mix with luck and harmony, grounding us in stability while promoting emotional healing and heart-centered abundance. Together, these crystals create a dynamic duo that not only attracts financial prosperity but also nurtures personal growth and emotional well-being, reminding us to approach abundance with an open heart and a spirit of generosity.

2.Resin : Resin is used as a medium to embed and preserve gemstone. It serves as a protective layer, preserving the energetic qualities of the crystals/chips while also providing a stable and durable base for the piece.

3.Owl Symbolism : The owl symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and spiritual guidance, adding depth and meaning to this attractive piece. With their keen perception and nocturnal insight, owls guide seekers through the realms of the unseen, illuminating paths of understanding and inner knowing. (* Random Eye Color)

This Citrine & Green Aventurine Chips Owl can be placed as per your personal beliefs and intentions, and the energy dynamics of your living space. You can place the gemstone owl in a place where you spend a lot of time, such as your bedroom, living room, or home office. It can also be placed in your meditation area. Its presence can enhance the peacefulness of the environment and support your meditation practice. Keeping it on your bedside table can be beneficial for promoting restful sleep and relaxation. You can also consider placing it on your office or study desk, as it can help promote focus, mental clarity, and creativity during work or study sessions. Trust your intuition when deciding where to keep your amethyst gemstone turtle. Pay attention to how you feel when you interact with it and experiment with different placements until you find what resonates best for you. Size - 51 - 52mm (2.00 - 2.04 Inch)

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