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Crystal and Hand Tapestry Wall Hanging

Crystal and Hand Tapestry Wall Hanging

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Crystal and Hand Tapestry Wall Hanging, a fantastic addition to a meditation or yoga space. It features intricate designs and vibrant colors that represent the seven chakras. A beautiful wall hanging to create a serene and spiritually uplifting environment for meditation or yoga practice. Placing them in your space can help set the mood and serve as a visual aid for focusing on chakra alignment and energy flow during meditation sessions. They're both beautiful decorations and useful tools for enhancing mindfulness and spiritual connection. 

Here are a few suggestions on where you could hang it:

1.Feature Wall: Use it as a focal point on a wall in your living room, bedroom, or any space where you want to create visual interest. Hang it behind a sofa or above a bed to make a statement.

2.Meditation/Yoga Space: If you have a dedicated meditation or yoga area, it can serve as a calming backdrop for your practice.

3.Dorm Room/College Space: In a dorm room, a tapestry can add color and personality to an otherwise plain space. Hang it above your bed or along a prominent wall.

4.Outdoor Space: Certain tapestries are designed for outdoor use. You can hang them on a patio wall or even between trees for a bohemian outdoor vibe.

5.Office Space: Personalize your workspace by hanging a tapestry behind your desk. It can help create a more relaxing or inspiring atmosphere.

Size: Approx 13.58 x 26.8 inch

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