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Evil Eye Decor 3 Elephants Hanging

Evil Eye Decor 3 Elephants Hanging

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3 Elephants Evil Eye Handmade Wall Decor Pendant Decorations

Discover Evil Eye wall decor the potent shield of the Evil Eye within our collection, a centuries-old symbol revered across cultures for its protective properties. Our Evil Eye products, including amulets, jewelry, and home decor, serve as talismans against negativity and harm. Embrace its mystical allure as a guardian against malevolent forces, allowing peace and positivity to prevail in your life. Crafted with care and steeped in tradition, our Evil Eye items offer both aesthetic beauty and a shield of spiritual defense.

Handmade Lamp work & CCB Plastic Evil Eye Hanging Ornaments, (Blue).

The evil eye symbol is often hung in homes to ward off negative energy or envy. Here are a few suggestions on where you might hang it:

1.Entryways: Placing it near the entrance of your home is common as it's believed to protect against negativity before it enters.

2.Near Windows: Hanging it near windows allows it to catch negative energy or envy that might try to enter through them.

3.Bedrooms: Some people prefer to place it in bedrooms to protect against negative dreams or energies while sleeping.

4.Workspaces: If you have a home office or a specific area where you spend a lot of time, hanging it there might help ward off negative energy.

5.On Mirrors: Placing the evil eye near mirrors is thought to deflect negativity that might be reflected back into the room.

6.In the Car: Some individuals hang the evil eye symbol in their cars for protection while traveling.

7.Gifts: You can also gift evil eye decor to friends or family for their own protection.

Size - about 226mm long, hole - 11mm, elephant - 51.5x42x9 mm, flat round - 39.5x6.5mm

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