Natural Crystals for Increased Energy

We have often heard many people complaining about feeling drained of energy. Living in a busy modern world, we seldom have time for self-care. It leads to a lack of energy and vitality and feeling drained of energy even after a few minutes of chores or activities.

In the mystical world of healing crystals never ceases to amaze us. One factor that endeared gemstones to humans is their diverse range of abilities - from boosting life-force energy flow to providing many healing benefits. At Peacefful Intentions, we celebrate these amazing natural crystals and bring you the widest collection of gemstones and gemstone products.

Gemstones that Boost Energy

Many cultures and civilisations have revered those healing stones for their myriad benefits. Just like in the olden days, in the present day, gemstones are used for professional success, experiencing relief from stress and anxiety, tasting business success or even sleeping better. Today, let us focus on the gemstones that help boost our energy to tackle all the challenges thrown at us.


The Citrine healing crystal represents the energy of the sun. Being near this gemstone or the products that contain this gemstone helps transfer this energy to your life. Citrine encourages you to begin new ventures and make better decisions that manifest in success. Citrine's motivating energy urges you to be productive and complete your tasks on time. Moreover, it helps shield you from the harmful effects of negative energy and brings positive vibes to your life. Buy the best Citrine products from Peacefful Intentions.

Tiger’s Eye

When you lack the courage to face life’s obstacles, buy Tiger’s Eye products. The Tiger’s Eye is a powerful healing stone that balances our Third Eye chakra and strengthens our spiritual connection with the divine. Like a tiger full of energy, the Tiger’s Eye boosts your strength and energy, empowering you to complete even the most demanding tasks. It also boosts our willpower, enabling us to stay focused and determined in achieving our goals.

Red Jasper

The Root Chakra is the first of the physical chakras located at the base of our spine. It is the chakra that helps us stay grounded and in the present. A natural crystal that is associated with this chakra is Red Jasper. Known as the stone of endurance, the Red Jasper gemstone never allows us to back down or succumb to defeat. It motivates us to try even harder and offers mental clarity when confused. When we feel tired, place a Red Jasper gemstone product beside us, as it will lift our spirits and help us feel energised. Explore amazing orgonite products from Peacefful Intentions.

Clear Quartz

The seventh chakra, the Crown Chakra is the seat of spiritual enlightenment. It opens our minds to feel connected with the universe and all living beings, helping us realise that we are a cog in a large machine. The Clear Quartz healing stone is associated with the Crown Chakra and aligns it with the other chakras. This gemstone releases all energy blockages and brings the focus back into our lives. It also absorbs all negative energies in our surroundings and converts them into powerful positive energies. Buy Clear Quartz natural crystal products from Peacefful Intentions.

Here concludes our list of healing crystals that boost our energy and help us stay focused and energised to achieve our goals.
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